Polyglycolide-co-caprolactone PGCL suture
Surgical suture materials

Polyglycolide-co-caprolactone PGCL suture

Monofilament resorbable suture for short to medium-term tissue support with unique lubricity and elasticity properties.



Polymer Structure Polyglycolide (%75)- co - caprolactone (%25)
Flament Structure Monofilament
Coating Material -
Colour Violet / Undyed
USP Range 7/0- 2
Tissue Support Duration Short-Medium Term- 21 Days
Tensile Strenght 60% 1st week, 30% 2nd week
Absorption Profile 90- 120 days
Sterilization Method EO 
Specifications High tensile strength, ideal monofilament lubricity, ease of use and knot-tying
Areas of Use Dermis/subcutaneous (fat), subcutaneous (fat), ligation, peritoneum, stomach, small intestine, colon, urinary bladder, uterus, vaginal canal, plastic surgery
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