Spinal Stabilization Mobile Cervical Disc Prosthesis
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Spinal Stabilization Mobile Cervical Disc Prosthesis


  • Biocompatible titanium alloy material
  • Fast and safe bonding between bone and prosthesis surface of sharp teeth
  • Natural motion pattern through shape and type of inlay/prosthesis, the analogy between motion patterns of facet joints and prosthesis
  • Good conformity with the anatomy of the vertebral body and improved primary stability by the anatomical shape of prosthesis plates
  • Safe and easy application in cases with narrow disc space through a small height of the prosthesis
  • Flexible use in different grades of degeneration through specific designs
  • Low risk of complication through safe materials and simple surgical technique


12x04 mm;  12x05 mm;  12x06 mm;  12x07 mm;  12x08 mm;  12x09 mm;  

14x04 mm;  14x05 mm;  14x06 mm;  14x07 mm;  14x08 mm;  14x09 mm;  

16x05 mm;  16x06 mm;  16x07 mm;  16x08 mm;  16x09 mm

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