Portable Anesthesia Machine
Surgical Equipment

Portable Anesthesia Machine


  • Portable anesthesia machine, single vaporizer.
  • Two-tube 02/N20 flow meter
  • No electric power needed
  • High quality and durable design
  • Easy use and maintainence
  • Meet clinical safety requirement of EU.
  • Solid coating and anti-dust smooth surface.

Main unit
Mode: Semi-open, semi-closed or closed system gas supply: 02/N20 0.28 Mpa
Flow meter: 02/N20 two-tube meter 0-10 L/min ( with interlock protection devices ensuring the 02 concentration >21% )
02 flush: 25 to 75L/min
02 deficiency alarm: Audible alarm for at least 7 seconds.
APL valve: <6 mpa

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