Thrombin with gel vacuum tubes
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Thrombin with gel vacuum tubes


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  • Thrombin Serum Tubes, also known as Rapid Serum Tubes, enable rapid coagulation with a thrombin-based clot activator.
  • Samples from patients not on anti-coagulant treatment can be centrifuged after just 5 minutes.
  • The gel barrier in our tubes separates serum and blood cells, providing a high-quality, stable sample.
  • This simplifies and speeds up analysis, eliminating the need for transferring the sample to another tube.
  • Our tubes use a special gel that withstands high temperatures and maintains stable physical and chemical properties.
  • The gel effectively separates serum from fibrin and cells, preventing substance exchange between blood cells and serum.
  • It preserves the biochemical and chemical properties of serum over an extended period.
Vacuum volume, ml Description Size, mm Package/PCS
2  Gel + Thrombin, PET, Sterile 13x75 100/1200
3,5  Gel + Thrombin, PET, Sterile 13x75 100/1200
5  Gel + Thrombin, PET, Sterile 13x100 100/900


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