Spinal Stabilization Lumbar Peek Cage
Surgical consumables

Spinal Stabilization Lumbar Peek Cage


  • Available in a variety of lengths, heights and lordotic angles to adapt to a variety of patient  anatomies
  • Large internal chamber for the bone graft material of your choice
  • Serrations on the superior and inferior surfaces for multi-directional fixation
  • Ergonomically shaped anterior edges and flat posterior edges.
  • Expandable height up to 1 size
  • X-Ray visibility with Titanium markers
  • Comes in sterile packaging for cases, reducing sterilization efforts and the potential for infection


24x10x7 mm; 24x10x8 mm; 24x10x9 mm; 24x10x10 mm; 24x10x11 mm; 24x10x12 mm

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