Anesthesia Device
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Anesthesia Device


  • Automatic system self test upon power-up
  • Optional patient monitoring with hemodynamic parameters and respiratory gases
  • Electronic flowmeter to adjust the low flow with high accuracy
  • Auxiliary O2 flowmeter for safety
  • Multiple language selection for user interface
  • Fully integrated breathing system (ISS)
  • Pressure, volume and flow monitoring breath by breath in all modes (auto and manual)
  • SuperiorVentilation
    • The latest ventilation modes cover full patient range from neonatal
    • Volume Control
    • Pressure Control
    • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
    • (SIMV)-Volume and Pressure with Pressure Support
    • Electronic PEEP  (Positive End Expiratory Pressure)
    • 15″ touch screen with turn and push navigation knob
    • Automatically sets ventilator parameters based on patient
    • Real time monitoring of Volume-pressure, flow-volume, flow-pressure loops
    • Breath by breath Pressure wave form for visual reference
    • Inspired oxygen monitoring
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