Polypropylene Suture
Surgical suture materials

Polypropylene Suture

Circular-sectioned monofilament suture produced from dense extruded polypropylene polymer, optimum for cardiovasacular surgery.



Polymer Structure Polypropylene
Flament Structure Monofilament
Coating Material -
Colour Blue
USP Range 10/0 - 2
Tensile Strenght Permanent (non-absorbable)
Sterilization Method EO 
Specifications High tensile strenght, high knot security, outstanding level of lubricity and elasticity minimum tissue reaction, ideal suture for infected tissues, optimum suture in cardiovascular surgery
Areas of Use Dermis/subcutaneous (fat), subcutaneous (fat), ligation, peritoneaum, stomach, small intestine, colon, urinary bladder, uterus, vaginal canal, plastic surgery 
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